You are on (maybe) the most advanced faucet manager site, created with the idea to help maximise earnings from faucet sites and get the majority of those free bitcoins they promise.

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What is a faucet?

A faucet is an internet place where you can earn bitcoins by performing small tasks. The faucet is one of the best ways for people new to bitcoin to get a good feeling of the ease and straight-forwardness of using bitcoin without having to understand and engage in mining from day 1. It is also a perfect start for those interested in a deeper involvement in bitcoin operations. And lastly – it is an easy way to earn something on the side without investing! :)

Why use this site?

Earning bitcoin through faucet is as simple as it gets – “go to website X, click here, fill that, wait a timeout, rinse and repeat”. Being this simple also means it becomes very annoying, boring and easy to loose your line of work if you don't have a faucet manager to keep track of your progress. And while indeed there are a few other faucet list sites available, they are usually overwhelmed by advertising pop-ups and, honestly, rather bad when it comes to organized data. What this site aims at is cutting through the clutter in order to give the best faucet experience while maximizing your productivity.

And.. how to use this?*

Paste you BTC address in the top field and click LOGIN. Voila - you are now registered on the site and can add faucet sites to your account list. The site will monitor time between clicks for each faucet site in your list, and tell you when you can click again. Minimizing time between clicks will earn you more satoshis. Timers work even if you are logged out or your browser is closed. Next time you log in you will see the actual time remaining until your next clicks.

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* We recommend that you generate a new BTC address in your wallet for the purposes of this site so you can easily track the earnights through.
* I know that this page is so ugly, but for now this site is focused on maximising free bitcoin earnings, not on design. Maybe later it will be a good looking site. Thank you! ;)